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Go Ask Alice

October 10, 2007
By Anonymous

Go Ask Alice tells the story of a girl and her struggles of drugs. When her family decides to move to New Mexico Alice becomes depressed and is convinced she won't make any friends. She soon meets a girl named Chris and goes to parties with her.

That's when Alice is slipped LSD into her drink. Soon she becomes helpless to the feeling of being high and starts trying even more drugs. Alice slowly becomes anxious and unhappy but is too addicted to care. She runs away countless times and meets new people and is introduced to new drugs.

The one thing I disliked in this book was that it left you asking questions like what happened to her to make her do those things? I do recommend this book to teens and adults because its a good way to put yourself in someone else's shoes and it sure shows you the dark side of America in the 70's.

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on May. 27 2009 at 11:17 pm
Leah Andrews BRONZE, Peru, Indiana
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The book Go Ask Alice is often believed to be a real journal- it's not. I thought the story was interesting but highly unrealistic. It is mostly anti-drug propaganda.