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This Lullaby

May 24, 2008
By Anonymous

Dessen, Sarah. (2002). "This Lullaby." New York: Penguin Group.
"This Lullaby" is a book about how party-girl Remy Starr learns to give into love and take risks in spite of her mother's numerous and unsuccessful marriages. Remy's friends continue to joke about Remy's high standards as she breaks up with her boyfriend, Jonathan, run-of-the-mill. Then he meets Dexter, the boy she meets unexpectedly and who instantly falls in love with her. She tries to push him away, but after many tries, Remy falters, but hates admitting that he is her boyfriend. She is convinced that his constantly untied shoes and clumsiness are imperfections not fit for her. She is caught venting her jealousy to and old, school friend about how he is "just for the summer" and almost ready to give "the speech" that she wants to 'focus on her schoolwork.' But Dexter sees through her speech as a cover for a fear of commitment, and gets steaming mad. Then Remy talks to her mom about her faulty marriage and realizes what she must do.
Remy is a Stanford-bound party girl who occasionally runs back to her old smoking and drinking habits. She enjoys Zip Diets from Quik Zip and participates in always faithful bets. These result in her making a perfect shot in the garbage can with an empty Zip Diet cup flying to the opposite side of her car.
I am for anyone reading this book who likes young adult romance novels typical to this one. Also, the other books this author has written are worth reading, which is how I ran into this one. Sarah Dessen’s somewhat typical love stories are real page-turners and keep you going until the end. Make sure to read this book or you might miss a new aspect of love.
The genre for this book is romance. I give this book a seven out of ten because although it was entertaining, it was, again, somewhat typical.


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