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The Van Gogh Cafe by Cynthia Rylant

February 15, 2008
By Anonymous

WOW!, I loved this book, it was great! The book the Van Gogh café by Cynthia Rylant is About a Café that used to be a theater, a magic theater named after the famous artist Van Gogh, but since it was torn down and turned into a café, now weird strange things happen in the café, and some at just the right time. If you think this book isn't to interesting to you or you have already read it then you might like one of her 8 other books besides the Van Gogh Café. Believe it or not it took Cynthia Rylant one hour to write this book in the Library, that is a fast typer! Just in case you haven't noticed yet but the theme is a café, an even better reason for all you coffee lovers to read this book. I guess I'll Give you just a taste of some of the right time magic because I'm nice, one day a lady dressed up and looked a queen with all her jewels and she ordered a Mountain Dew and paid the money for it but the tip was a piece of foil with some muffins, but what the two other people did not know is that every day the amount of muffins multiply and one day during a snow storm a church bus crashes and it was full of little kids and babies, it would take to long to get to the nearest hospital so they took them into the café and there was just enough muffins for each little mouth and after all of them got one there injuries were taken away. I think people who need a nice short book this is the perfect book for them, I loved it.

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