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Just In Case

November 8, 2007
By Anonymous

Just In Case

By: Meg Rosoff

A 16 year old boy whose name is David changes his name to Justin and that's where his adventure starts. He tries his best to hide from his fate that wants to kill him. He hides around London England so that his fate won't find him but, he can't always hide can he? Agnes tries to help him out on his problems but not everything goes o.k. because he doesn't always listen to her. He goes trough an adventure that he will never forget in his life.

Fate is not always real that is what this book is all about. He is trying to run away from fate all the time but not for long because where ever he goes fate follows him. “Don't you get it? Where ever I go fate will find me”. That is what Justin said after a terrible plain crash in the London Airport where people were killed. The author describes specific details of this accident that later on the book appear and some clues that later helped me make some predictions of what will happen in the future. Also some things that the author did well were that whenever there was some action it described specific details of who was there which helped a lot.

Just in case and the afterlife are books about teenagers but there are very different. In the afterlife there was more description of what was going on in just in case there wasn't as much description and the book was confusing. Also on the book the afterlife the author describes how teenagers are and what they think and talk but in this book the author doesn't really explain that much. Just in case was a book full of action and adventure but at the same time confusing because there is not as much description. Some characters in this book can be very confusing because they don't introduce them to you. If you what to read a book that has lots of emotions at one time then this is the right book for you because it has action, adventure, love and more. If you don't like reading it's o.k. because this is the right book for you especially for teenagers because Justin goes through what teens like us go trough. This book from 1-5 is a 3 because is sort of a confusing book and it doesn't describe characters as it should but is a great book for teens and for people who enjoy adventures.

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