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A to Z Mysteries: The Invisible Island by Ron Roy

January 25, 2008
By Anonymous

Written by Ron Roy, the book, A to Z Mysteries: The Invisible Island, was one that I would recommend to readers of all ages. One character, Donald David Duncan interested me because he conquered what he was afraid of. The character, Joshua Pinto, had a very playful spirit. And I liked reading about Ruth Rose Hathaway because she reminded me a little bit about myself. As one who reads many mystery books, this book really stood out to me.

Donald David Duncan, also known as, Dink, is blonde-haired and has blue eyes. He lives on Woody Street of Green Lawn and constantly hangs out with his friends. Out of the three protagonist friends, Dink is the one who always thinks twice, but still has courage. For example, when Joshua invited him to visit Squaw Island with him again, Dink didn't think it was a good idea because of the fog. But nevertheless, Dink overcame his fear of going to the island in the mist. This is what I admired about him. Through his anxiety, he was still able to joke with his friends and be his upbeat self.

Another protagonist of the story was Joshua Pinto, or Josh. He was described as a red-head with big, brown eyes. This freckled boy also lives in Green Lawn, but on Farm Lane. Josh had a much more different personality than Dink, but I still really loved reading about him. He was this outgoing person that wanted to pursue his dreams no matter what got in his way. For instance, on Squaw Island, Josh really believed that he could find buried treasure, so even though he had to go through a lot of poison ivy, he wouldn't stop searching. His persistence has really encouraged me to not let anything keep me from fulfilling my dreams.

The friend that I was really fascinated by was Ruth Rose Hathaway. Her protagonist ways reminded me a little bit of myself. Though she had black, curly hair and blue eyes, both of which I do not possess, I took much pleasure in reading about her. Ruth Rose had a combination of both Dink's and Josh's personalities, but she was also different in her own way. She was smart and thought things through, like Dink, but she was also very adventurous. In one scene, Ruth Rose wondered what would happen if the antagonists had found them, but unlike her friend, she was brave and still wanted to explore. Even though Ruth Rose had courage, like Josh, she was different from him because she was able to put herself in another's shoes. For example, when she had found a one-hundred dollar bill, she thought of how she would feel if she had lost that much money, but Josh just wanted to keep it for himself. Ruth Rose had many pleasant qualities that people can learn from.

A to Z Mysteries: The Invisible Island is a wonderful story to read. My favorite scene was when the three friends were given a dog for there help on the case because it showed that if you do something good, you will be rewarded. I believe that this is what the author, Ron Roy, is trying to tell his readers. This mystery story about how large amounts of money are getting onto Squaw Island is written in third person. I commend the author for his great work. Trust me; if you read this book, you will be amazed.

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