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By Anonymous

   "A Cry In The Night" by Mary Higgins Clark is a spine-tingling, suspense-filled book.

The story begins with Jenny MacPartland, a divorced mother of two who lives in New York. She works in an art gallery where she meets Erich Krueger, a prominent artist who is displaying his latest works. They instantly fall in love and, after a couple of weeks, he asks her to marry him and move to his Minnesota farm. She accepts.

After a few months, she notices a change in Erich. Soon, weird and bizarre things start happening on the farm. Then a series of shattering events lead to the past Erich was hiding, and Jenny fears for her and her children's lives.

The ending of this book had me holding onto the edge of my chair. The suspense builds through the whole book and the ending is not disappointing. Anyone looking for a suspenseful book to curl up with, borrow this book from the library. It's a must. n

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