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The Christopher Killer

November 8, 2007
By Anonymous

The Christopher Killer

By: Alane Ferguson

The Christopher Killer is set in modern-day in Silverton, Colorado this story is about a girl named Cameryn that is seventeen years old and asks to be her dad's assistant because she wants a head start on her career, a forensic pathology science person. Then Cameryn finds out her best friend has been killed by “The Christopher killer”, that's when a physic named Jewel claims to have seen Rachel's spirit and says he might know the answer.

Cameryn never knew her mother. Cameryn's mother had abandoned her at a very young age. So Cameryn didn't really remember her but Alane Ferguson does a great job of showing love. “Cameryn stays or we all go!” is a perfect sentence that the dad shows his love for his daughter Cameryn. Cameryn's father, Patrick risks his job for Cameryn every time the guys at his job put her down. When Cameryn discovers her best friend has been killed by a serial killer she swears to find him and she even risks her life.

People who like problem solving and mystery books would like this book. Alane Ferguson does a great job of showing these themes. Another thing Alane Ferguson did good at is by not giving the ending away. Alane Ferguson keeps you wanting to read more and more after each chapter because of the way she writes. Cliff hangers in her story make it a really good book. Sadly Alane Ferguson has a dull beginning, she could have used a more powerful, grabbing beginning. But as the chapters go on you get more in to it. Alane Ferguson's The Christopher Killer reminded me of the book She Said Yes forward by Madeleine L'engle Both book deal with the unexpected murder of a loved one. However The Christopher Killer is a mystery book and She Said Yes is a non-fiction book. But despite the bad beginning The Christopher Killer is a overall good book.

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on Mar. 16 2009 at 3:40 pm
I'm in a book club at my school and this book was one of the books we are reading. This book is great and has suspense in it so in some parts you do not want to put the book down. If you love mysteries and forensic cases I encourage you to read this book!!!