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By Anonymous

   The setting is a small cottage in Vermont, the main character is the town librarian. The book is The Dollkeeper, written by Jack Scapparo.

The Dollkeeper is a terrorizing, event-filled book. Set in the snow-capped state of Vermont, the story revolves around the double life of the respected town librarian. Emma Prescott is loved by all who know her, both young and old. What the townspeople do not know is that Emma is really a violent child-killer who spends her time outside of the library luring innocent children into her trap.

When Emma was a young girl, her mother had a collection of dolls that Emma was not allowed to touch. Emma would play with them anyway and suffered the consequences from her crazed mother. Eventually Emma's mother went mad and was locked up. Emma never recovered from her mother's abuse which led to her double personality as a respected librarian and psychotic child-killer. Now Emma lures young children into her trap, brings them to her cabin in the woods and eventually kills them. There they join the other life-like dolls that Emma had made earlier on the shelf.

The ending of this book is not one to forget. The climatic ending leaves the reader with a big pit in the stomach. The Dollkeeper should be read by someone who enjoys a well-written horror story. n


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