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Keeping The Moon by Sarah Dessen

May 15, 2008
By Anonymous

Keeping the Moon by Sarah Dessen:

Keeping the Moon; good but had no point.
Sarah Dessen's writing is always the same, finding who you are along with a adventure to follow it. But what about those who already knew who they are, where are their stories? Sarah Dessen's books relate to most adolescent girls, but i see nothing creative about boys and shopping, so her books can make someones head spin at times. Keeping the Moon had its moments of interest and yawns. I chose this book to be my topic title because everyone of her books have a little of keeping the Moon sense of style in it. Now my opinion stands for what I thought of her book, but it does not stand for everyone else's. My advice is to find a book that's most like you, don't settle for the average but look for the unique.


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