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Wait For Me by Rebecca ST. James

February 23, 2010
By Lovestonedloser GOLD, Orlando, Florida
Lovestonedloser GOLD, Orlando, Florida
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I read Wait For Me, as a project for a youth group.
The book seemed interesting just from the subject- “The joy of purity in Romance.”.
When given the book at youth group I read the assigned chapters, and found myself longing to continue. And so the night went on and my eyes found the end cover.
I frowned and closed the book, knowing that I’d have to review it again for the youth group, but disappointed that I had no more to read.
In her book; Miss ST. James, talks about the rewards of waiting until marriage, also talking about how god may grace us with his forgiveness if we have veered away from the path.

She talks about personal experiences in her life, and letters from others who have done the same. It explains how we can so easily be tainted and shunned away from purity because of the way the outside world is, the clothes we buy, the music we listen too, and the TV shows/movies we watch.
In the beginning of the book, Chapter one, “Dream again.”
Miss ST. James explains the stereo type of a perfect man, every girls ‘prince charming’ so too speak, it lets us all have an imagination of back when we were younger, and being a princess was what we wanted, and dreamed our prince charming would one day ride up on a wide stallion and Wisk us away to higher pastures.

In Chapter two, “Mind Matters.”.
She talks about the eyes, how they are gateways into our soul and how so easily what we put before them can make us stray, she uses many examples to empower the reader to think before acting, in a part of the chapter there is a section called
“What are you wearing?”
It speaks of a male who wrote to her about one of his pet peeves, he asks, if women do not want to be treated as objects, or looked at in a sexual way, why do they continue to dress in provocative ways?.
I think this part of the book is one I like the best, in today’s society it seems like the shorter the skirts, the cooler you are, or about seeing how far you can push down a neckline without being arrested for indecent exposure.
Girls these days, especially teens between the ages of 14-19. Love to show as much skin as possible, thinking it will attract “mister right” by drawing his eyes to her body and not her mind.

In chapter three “The Ecstasy [or agony] of sex”. Rebecca opens our minds to the consequences of sex outside of marriage. Giving us things to ponder upon, points, facts and also explaining these things in a gentle manner that is easy for us teen girls, to relate too. It explains not only how sex outside of marriage looks in gods eyes, but also how we look at ourselves after we consent to it. The way our self esteem drops, our emotional presence seems to falter, and our faith in living a pure lifestyle tilts precariously.
Therefore this chapter makes you think in two ways.

(1). If you have yet to perform in sexual acts, it gives you an insider into good reasons why you should try to stay true to your commitment to stay pure until the sanctuary of marriage.

(2). If you have sinned by having intercourse outside of marriage, you begin to check off things in your mind, as if placing checkmarks next to things you have pondered, things that have happened.

All and all, the book was amazing, I think this is a very delighting piece and I think more teen girls should consider reading it. It helps satisfy the soul and goes into explaining why most of us feel the way we do, I personally relate with some of the points she marks across, staying pure until marriage is a very special thing in my eyes and I am ecstatic to have came across a book with such a remarkable message.
I think that teen girls currently embarking in a relationship should also read this book, it’ll help her clear her mind of the sexual essence of the world and help her make good decisions, a lot of the teen sex problems these days is because the girls do not know any better, or have nothing positive to turn too. I think by reading this book, it will defiantly open up the mind to other options and make a teen girl ponder her choice more intelligently.
If you haven’t read it, and are looking for 186 pages of pure, amazingly written, self explanatory, biblical Read. Then I strongly recommend buying the book.

The author's comments:
I am open to all constructive comments.
I don't often do reviews, i am first and foremost a fictional/romance writer.
But i figured i'd think outside the box for once and enter into a review of a book i felt was amazingly uplifting.

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DreamChild said...
on Apr. 9 2010 at 1:05 pm
sweetness. im excited to read this!