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By Bapalapa2 ELITE, Brooklyn, New York
Bapalapa2 ELITE, Brooklyn, New York
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     "I was born turned around ... holding myhead in my hand ... Born backwards and clueless. In other words, bornconfused." This statement begins the story of Dimple Lala, a shy, sensitive17-year-old girl of Indian descent torn between her American and Indian ways, whotries to find herself and her culture. Dimple expresses her feelings by takingpictures, all of which include her best friend, Gwendolyn, a confident, beautifulgirl.

Dimple has to overcome obstacles including sorting out her familialand social issues and being overshadowed in everything by her best friend. Dimplealso narrates her quest to win her true love, Karsh, a caring, insightful discjockey who takes her into the thrilling world of Indian civilization. In the end,these experiences help her mature and gain confidence, as well as a sense ofrecognition for her own background.

Even though Born Confused might seemrelatively slow, there are lyrical and poetic moments that contribute to thestory's magical effect. It is a touching, comical and poignant story thatuniquely reflects many of the issues teen girls go through.

Born Confusedis not for Indian girls only. The story contains romance, action, humor andpoetry, and can appeal to everyone. I recommend Born Confused to any teen girlwanting to enter a colorful world full of meaningful pictures, bustling citiesand scented spices.

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