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By Bapalapa2 ELITE, Brooklyn, New York
Bapalapa2 ELITE, Brooklyn, New York
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     This book is horrible. I am absolutely, completelysick of hearing all the praise for The Da Vinci Code. It seems I can hardly stepinto a public area without seeing someone reading it or overhearing aconversation about how amazing it is.

The novel's only remarkable featuresare its supposedly original topic - namely, that Jesus was involved withMary Magdalene - and the element of mystery. I have breaking news for anyone whothinks this book is even remotely original: it's not! For decades, books, moviesand various works have focused on this controversial idea. Two good examples are"Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade" and "Dogma."

The DaVinci Code only expands on an already popular theme by making a few random leapsof logic and involving the works of the artist Leonardo Da Vinci. In fact, thereare no real revelations in the entire book! The references to Da Vinci's artinvolve simply the placement of a key hidden by the curator of a museum. There'sno actual link between Da Vinci and this intriguing (yet unoriginal) theory aboutJesus.

As for the mystery, it is horrible! The ending is anti-climacticand has no real resolution. The book is alleged to pack surprises, but Ifound I was accurately guessing the plot halfway through!

Readers, I begyou in the name of all things holy: Don't read The Da Vinci Code. Instead, Isuggest Angels and Demons, also by Robert Brown, which is a much betterbook.

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