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By Bapalapa2 ELITE, Brooklyn, New York
Bapalapa2 ELITE, Brooklyn, New York
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James Redfield has written one of the most mysterious and intriguing books of all time. The Celestine Prophecy sold over eight million copies in more than 32 countries, is a number one New York Times bestseller and has been the bestselling hardcover book in America for two years.

The first in a trilogy, it is about the quest for nine insights. The adventure begins when Charlene, a long-lost friend of the nameless narrator, finds out about an ancient manuscript while on assignment in Peru. She becomes curious and contacts her friend, the narrator, believing that he can help her discover the rest of the insights.

The nine insights aren't any typical, ordinary circumstances. The first, for instance, is about becoming aware of the coincidences that occur in life.

The reader does not completely get to know the characters, but has enough information to follow the story. The narrator meets many people along the way. One is a man named Wil, who goes along on the search.

By the end, the reader finds that there are actually more than nine insights, making way for Redfield's second book, The Tenth Insight. The Celestine Prophecy is not only enjoyable to read, but inspiring for all ages. Even though it is fiction, it seems to make sense in ordinary life. This is not meant for just one reading but to be pondered many times. I have never read a better book than The Celestine Prophecy and recommend it to anyone. .

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