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Bad by Jean Ferris

October 5, 2007
By Anonymous

Jean Ferris

Dallas is a girl living with her father, who is always telling her she will turn out just like her mother. Dallas's mom (Dixie Lee) died in a car accident. Dallas gets involved with a boy who leads her to armed robbery and lands her in a Rehabilitation Center for 6 months. The conflict between Dallas and her father is the focus of this story. Shatasia is Dallas's roommate and help each other stop stealing (Dallas) and stop putting “the gang” before her baby (Shatasia).
I think this book is interesting because it's not just about how her and her father disagree about EVERYTHING. It's about a girl's journey through rehab trying to stop herself from stealing. I recommend this book to everyone who likes the book Cut because this book is just like it only it is about stealing not cutting herself.

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