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An Ember in the Ashes

July 20, 2021
By Vintageparis BRONZE, Panjim, Other
Vintageparis BRONZE, Panjim, Other
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Favorite Quote:
“Moonlight drowns out all but the brightest stars”

J.R.R Tolkien

An Ember in the Ashes follows the story of Laia, a Scholar and Elias Veturias, a Martial and a mask. Set in in Serra, a place where Scholars the native inhabitants are treated horribly, killed or sold as slaves. Laia poses as a slave for The Commander, the head at Blackcliff Academy, which is where Elias lives and trains. Will Laia be able to complete her mission,will Elias ever get a chance to live the life he craves so much?

I started reading this book firstly because this book was on almost every single list of must read YA books. Second of all, I read in a review that Serra is inspired by Ancient Rome, and I love anything to do with Ancient Rome. Along with the main characters there are other lovable characters like Helene, Darrin, Keenan, Izzi, etc. I love the fact that it the story is told from two different points of view, because if it wasn't written this way the story would feel really empty. I definitely do the think that this book deserves all the praise that it gets, and I hope everyone else reading this book will have as much fun and excitement I had when I was reading it.

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