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My boody life book review

January 25, 2019
By jujubean881 SILVER, Sacremento, California
jujubean881 SILVER, Sacremento, California
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My bloody life is a book about a young boys family who grew up poor in

Puerto rico and was physically abused by his own cousin.

My bloody life begins with a 5 year old boy Reymundo sanchez where after his father died his mother remarried and went on a secret honeymoon and left him and his 5 other siblings with there aunties

A few weeks later his older cousin lured Rey out to the old house they lived in and threw him on the bed and proceeded to rape the 5 year old child  a 1 year later the mother's new husband moves the family from puerto rico to chicago from there on his mother and stepfather became very abusive only to Rey and his step father threatens him every day.

Then Rey turns to the streets of chicago and becomes a latin king when he is with them when one of there crew gets shot and dies soon after then Rey gets all the good stuff of being in a gang then after a gang raid they treated him lavishly with weed,alcohol and food the gang had become in a sort his new family and he then matures and the gang come to a racial difference and the gang starts to fall apart .


This book reminds me of teens who feel like they are down and want to learn about another person's struggle and that there not the only one who struggle through life we all go through good and bad times in life

      I recommend this book to teens who like the urban genre and who can tolerate some messed up shit in the book.  

The author's comments:

o yeah yeah 

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