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One of us is Lying

November 28, 2018
By SecretButterfly16 GOLD, Sacramento, California
SecretButterfly16 GOLD, Sacramento, California
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One of us is Lying is brilliantly written by Karen M. McManus. This mystery will have you at the edge of your seat as you learn about these four fictional characters. These characters will make you question every fact you know as you get further in the book. The book is being narrated by four characters, Bronwyn,Addy,Nate, and Cooper, who are being accused with the cold blooded murder of Simon.

During the whole book the four teenager are trying their best to prove that they didn't have anything to do with Simons murder. In the middle of the book the heat gets turned up when secrets about the four teenagers are revealed on Simons gossip app a few days after his death. These secrets that were revealed make the four teenagers even bigger suspects but that doesn't make any sense right? You think that if someone would kill someone else to keep their secret hidden that they wouldn't let it get out at all right? Maybe you should read the book to find out the truth.

Karen M.McManus came out with the book One of us is Lying in 2017 and is coming out with another book in January 8th 2019. Her book keep you feeling scared to turn the next page of the book afraid of what you will find out next. I would recommend this book to teenagers and young adults. The book has everything you could ever want, a romance with secrets, an athlete with a background, a nerd with shady plans, a rebel who might just get in deep trouble and a victim with an unsuspected twist. Don't just take my word for it, go read the book. See if you can solve the mystery before your at your last page.

The author's comments:

This book had me laying in my bed in the middle of the night trying to figure the murder out myself.

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