Shorten the NBA Season: The Trials of an 82 Game Marathon

February 7, 2018
By mike_87 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
mike_87 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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           I disagree with sameer in his article “Shorten the NBA Season: The trials of an 82 -game marathon”. Within the article he talks about why he believes they should shorten the NBA season. But I in fact disagree. i believe they should leave it. Basketball is not like football i believe it would not be as interesting if they played one game every week for 17 weeks.  Sameer also makes a good point when he says that injury plays a big factor in the season and with a longer game period it makes a even bigger chance to get injured.  That is true but i believe that injuries make the game more interesting(and all sports i should say).  It is interesting to me to see the team perform without those specific players.  But that is my opinion.  But thank you Sameer for sharing your opinion with us.       

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