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Lady Gaga: Should her songs/albums be Censored?

March 21, 2010
By Pudd1016 SILVER, Wilmington, Delaware
Pudd1016 SILVER, Wilmington, Delaware
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I guess some poeple can say Lady Gagas' songs are kinda addictive. She brings something different to the music industry, not just her talent, but also her personality. But, does anyone really stop to realize the kind of songs she makes, you know, the content?
Lady Gaga's new album, The Fame Monster which includes the hits "Bad Romance" and "Telephone", is definetely playing on lots of peoples ipods and cd players. However, I don't think people really take the time to listen to what she sings about. I mean, maybe I'm wrong, but aren't her songs based on men and other crazy things that I won't mention...
Take the song on The Fame Monster called "Teeth." I really like that song, but it mainly talks about how she really wants a guy. And what about "Bad Romance". The language she uses may really raise some teen parents eyebrows.
Don't get me wrong. I'm not picking on Lady Gaga. I really like her music, too. Plus, I know Lady Gaga isn't the only one who talks about these kind of things on their albums. But please tell me...Do you think Lady Gaga's albums should be censored if her music and lyrics talk about crazy things like this? Or, because of how the world is today, do you really think it matters?

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"Take a bite of my bad girl meat. Show me your teeth."; from Teeth on The Fame Monster

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