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They Want My Culture, But Not My History

March 4, 2019
By Riri-chan SILVER, Defiance, Ohio
Riri-chan SILVER, Defiance, Ohio
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The writing titled "They Want My Culture, But Not My History", written by Karmen Robinson, talks about black history/culture, racism, and nativism. Her writing left me feeling a true rainbow of emotions. I've been sitting at my desk, trying to describe the emotions I'm feeling, but I can’t. All I can say is – I know. I know how people just want to take your culture and make it their own because “It’s so in right now!” It’s worse when they don’t even know whose culture they’re stealing. After they’ve stolen your culture, they yell at you to go back to your country, and all you can think is, “This is the country I was born in.” The same people screaming at you because your skin is darker than theirs are the same people waving their flags around while staring at your flagless hands in disgust. “The place I have to proudly represent. Full of unfair justice, racism, discrimination.”, but you should be able to ignore that black shadow of truth and help them shine the big “Make America Great Again” light over it. Making America great again is going to be hard because it was never great in the first place.

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on Mar. 12 at 2:52 pm
Bella_Queen PLATINUM, Brinkhaven, Ohio
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This is very true...

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