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I hate the words are you ok

August 16, 2009
By charlietheunicorn SILVER, Sandy, Utah
charlietheunicorn SILVER, Sandy, Utah
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"Dont follow in my footseps.....I run into walls."

I hate the words are you ok? I just want to be left alone. Walking through the halls people stare at me. I hate that to. I know what there thinking I know what there always thinking. “She is so fat.” I wanted to cry right in that hall why wasn’t it working why was I still a size 1? The belle started ringing I ran to biology. I sat in the back with my huge sweatshirt on concealing the truth of my body. I sat hoping people would ignore me pass right by without looking. Lily and Meredith walked in. “Hi Piper!” they said as they sat next to me. These were the last two people I wanted to see me my two best friends. I tried to hide my worry and embarrassment by a smile. They weren’t fooled I knew what was coming next and I didn’t want to hear it. Luckily the teacher walked in and started talking to the class. The belle rang again oh great I thought, lunch. How could I hide this time I stood in line for hamburgers but all I got was a water. How would I survive this time? It felt like they were all watching me so I grabbed a bagel. I sat down and ate it eagerly I was so hungry I couldn’t remember the last time I ate something. Once I finished it I had realized what id done. Oh no I thought! I excused myself from my friends to go to the bathroom the coast was clear so I rushed in. Once I was finished brushing my teeth I looked in the mirror. I looked terrible with dark circles under my eyes and I was so pale. I’m fine I thought just a little tired I walked drowsily back to the table. My friend Lily stood up and gasped. I knew it was coming. “Are you ok?!” she said. This was it the last straw I finally flipped. “I’m fine!”I yelled everyone went quiet I started to cry. I couldn’t breath It was like chest had been run over by a car. I started freaking out next thing I knew I was on the floor shaking. People were yelling around me trying to get my attention yelling my name. “Piper!” they kept yelling. Then everything went black. I woke in a hospital bed people looking over me. My mother above me “You have to eat I can’t lose you!” she said. “ I can get through this.” I said “We can get through this.”

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HRHErika said...
on Aug. 23 2009 at 12:50 am
This was fantastic!

on Aug. 22 2009 at 5:22 pm
charlietheunicorn SILVER, Sandy, Utah
6 articles 0 photos 5 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Dont follow in my footseps.....I run into walls."

Thank you that means alot

azgrandma said...
on Aug. 22 2009 at 2:03 pm
That was Wonderful! Keep writing Sunshine. I think you've found your niche in life!!!

carijoy SILVER said...
on Aug. 22 2009 at 6:06 am
carijoy SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
8 articles 24 photos 51 comments
This is amazing! I was almost in tears, you really moved me. Your content is wonderful!!! Keep it up, I can't wait to read more!

cuddlefish95 said...
on Aug. 21 2009 at 5:18 pm
This is awesome your a good writer!