the man who tried too hard

January 30, 2018
By Anonymous

The dark knight arises from the bright sunshine,
The rinky dinky old house,
Creeks and shreeks.

The wrinkly old man,
Sits and spits.
His chew is old and running out of taste.
Now that he knows he is going on a chase,
To find his favorite thing in the world that he can’t get enough of,
Sitting in his chair thinking where to go,
To get up and go and move his way,
Or sit in his chair and not move anything,

Thinking that he knows he has the urge to move,
Not wanting to do anything or move anywhere,
Getting up off his chair and telling himself he needs to go,
Walking down the street and seeing the sun,
Burning his eyes and making him blind,

Gets to the store and sits there waiting in line,
He is next and they tell him they are out,
Screaming in his head saying that I need more,
Running thru the street and trying to find more,
Looking to the left and seeing another store,
Running across the street not looking both ways,
Thinking twice he should of anyways,
Takes a few steps into the street and gets hit by a car,
Now his life is down all because of the chew.

The night is dark and the moon shines,
The house, still old, rinky and dinky.
Nobody cares.
Just another day in the life of a chewer.


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