For Word Are Just Words

November 3, 2017
By Poet27 SILVER, East Peoria, Illinois
Poet27 SILVER, East Peoria, Illinois
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Think that my tears are just full of sadness,
Well I know your mind is full of madness,
Think that my laughs are filled with my sorrow,
Well you'll be my new friend by tomorrow,
For words are just words, but they mean so much,
For words are just words, but your heart they'll touch,
Screams are not always what they seem to be,
Look to the unknown and clear you will see,
The days of our youth were all black and white,
But on my toughest days you gave me sight,
Though your words may be vague, sentences plain,
You help me walk and stand through all this rain,
For words are just words, but words mean a lot,
For words are just words, but so much they've taught

The author's comments:

Words are jsut words; little letters scribbled down on a piece of paper. They mean so much though. They can hurt or build somone up, but words are never JUST WORDS. Words are pieces of your heart, and weather you mean every word you say or not they affect other people. 

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