Like Dust

July 19, 2017
By TheLivingPages BRONZE, Springfield Gardens, New York
TheLivingPages BRONZE, Springfield Gardens, New York
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Such repetitive monotony
I stare at the ceiling
And yet possibly
I see all of humanity
We share the same existence, sedentary
All that I am now feeling
How elementary
Grey-ness and grey-ity
Another moment, wasted in a hush
Death feels unnerving
They collect on the walls, and we the earth's crust
But the cycle is after all a must
Waiting to move, yet we build as rust
As one piece once said, "in the wind, we are dust"

The author's comments:

The piece was inspired by the unifying boredom created by the observation of dust forming on a wall and ceiling. Yet it shows that inspiration can truly be found in anything.

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