A Beauty Like Yours MAG

March 23, 2017
By RachaelA GOLD, Middleburgh , New York
RachaelA GOLD, Middleburgh , New York
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Don’t think I don’t know a beauty like yours
An allure that carries a lustful sting
That pits man and brother in needless wars
And brings to their knees both gods and kings.

For it’s your charm that captivates men
And raises kingdoms once vast and boundless
Like sweet Helen of Troy’s amorous sin
That felled two nations with her divine kiss.

So begone, cruel temptress! Be on your way!
I won’t succumb to you by any means.
At least, that’s what I should probably say
But you’re the most gorgeous woman
I’ve ever seen.

Though you may be poison through and through
I would gladly lose a kingdom for you.

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