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Two Young Adventurers

March 18, 2016
By rachelzerdin BRONZE, London, Other
rachelzerdin BRONZE, London, Other
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“Why does the sun shine bright and gold above?”
“Why does the grass display a hue of green?”
“Why is it we can't control whom we love?”
“Why is it those we do love can be mean?”
The young boy posed these questions to his friend
Who looked back at him with a furrowed brow
They swore to work together till the end
To find the answer to each “Why?” and “How?” 
They searched the world and saw many a land
But still no answer did they ever find
If one boy fell, the other gave his hand
And soon emerged a friendship that would bind
So one day they abandoned search at last
For t’was by love they were together cast.

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