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The sky and I

December 15, 2014
By azurelove GOLD, Columbus, Ohio
azurelove GOLD, Columbus, Ohio
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blackened purple sky
cracked with white light
dark roars and tortured screams
resounding through the night
merciless pounding
dark & doubting
grey & pouting
me and the sky
so much alike
blue on our best days
the color of azure
the color of depression in
every way
yet grey when we cry
ready to scream and fight
fierce with might
the sky and i.

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azurelove GOLD said...
on Feb. 18 2015 at 1:16 pm
azurelove GOLD, Columbus, Ohio
18 articles 3 photos 21 comments
i think i captured mother nature perfectly then, shes so bipolar

on Feb. 4 2015 at 8:33 am
ansem_unlimited PLATINUM, Frederick, Maryland
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Favorite Quote:
Thou may think of me as desired, to idolize or villanize me whichever you may choose. but gaze upon me and thou sall not see the husk of a man! for all my sins and all my bliss, i am anything but hollow

This one... perplexes me... like I start reading it, & i think "Awe... a beautiful poem about sunsets" but then the mood takes a 180 & changes into this message of escapism. & this is a good thing, I like a good poem that can confuse me every once in aw while, kinda like a plot twist you never see coming, you know?