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Light Me A Candle

April 18, 2013
By that_bookworm_girl PLATINUM, Mt. Juliet, Tennessee
that_bookworm_girl PLATINUM, Mt. Juliet, Tennessee
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I am broken, I have always been broken.
I look for the good side, the gate so pure and golden.
And even when I cry, I brush away my tears.
And light again a candle, to rid me of my fears.
I'm broken on the inside, I'm broken in my soul.
Will you ever notice, will you ever know?
I've been in so much pain, but you never see.
The pain-filled, tear-stained, imperfect side of me.
Won't you ever look through, this disguise that I have made
And see to the inside, through a dirty glass pain.
I am NOT perfect, I am NOT strong
But just stand by me, and I'll continue on
As I have always done, on these sad and crying days
Filled with all my suffering, filled with all my pain.
Save me now, from my own sin
Keep me strong, DON'T LET THEM WIN

The author's comments:
To all those with depressed friends, do NOT, EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER, sit there and do nothing about it. That is the most HORRIBLE feeling in the world, to think that no one notices your pain. Trust me, I know the feeling. So open up and be wiling to take a chance because some people need a shoulder to cry on and if you don't offer one, you're just as much to blame as the person who caused their sadness.

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