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A Frozen Passion

July 30, 2012
By merlin SILVER, Anaheim, California
merlin SILVER, Anaheim, California
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Believe in the good of people (that all people are inherently good) but trust no one.

In truth, together we share common fire,
With love so strong, nothing keeps us apart.
As our hearts fill with longing desire to aspire.
Chill as I seem, passion burned from the start.

Nobility's decree plays a strong part,
So that these smoldering hearts must lament.
My response you perceived naught from the heart,
But rather reply to a failed consent.

With hearts-frozen cold, we shall represent,
Stubborn love, together enduring the wait,
And fiery flames, hidden through the intent
Of pushing past all the constrains, all the hate.

In truth, this great burning love we share,
Of fire and ice is something quite rare.

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