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Dream of Stages

November 7, 2011
By Belluna45 PLATINUM, Shelbyville, Kentucky
Belluna45 PLATINUM, Shelbyville, Kentucky
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The world is spinning round.

My feet not touching the floor.

I feel enchanted. There is completely no sound.

There is no sign for sure but a long beach shore.
As my feet touch the soft sand I feel dizzy no more.
My hair was flowing in the salty wind.
Soon my feet were at the tip of the water, at the tip of the shore
The water touching my feet. I felt the urge to jump in, life with thin
Of life the life of my people. I jumped into the water, eyes flooding,
My lungs which I trust my life with full of countless air.
I let go and breathe strangely. A sound comes of a shutting
Door. I noticed out my left eye I was at my friend Share’s
House. I was still wet with seawater. I closed my eyes.
Waking up in a deep dizzy slumber, this dream I always despised.

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