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March 18, 2011
By MysteryHeart GOLD, Thorold, Other
MysteryHeart GOLD, Thorold, Other
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Oh to come up behind her
And wrap your arms around
Oh to hold her tightly
And tell her she is loved

To sway her side to side
Gently with your head near hers
Your hands move to her upper arms
Pulling her in closer

Her head moves slightly now
Just resting on your chest
She can hear your heart beat
Putting her to rest

Standing she is silent
Maybe a hum of satisfaction
Shes taking in your warmth
A simple but lovely action

You gently let her loose
And she follows your lead
Turning her head to look up at you Not wanting you to leave

Her body is now facing yours
Faces never been so close
Her eyes filled with such a passion
Not enough is just one dose

Taking your hand to her neck
Thumb rubbing against her cheek
Fingers underneath her hair
No words do you dare speak

Her hands move past your waist
And up against your back
The soothing motion of her palms
Cause your muscles to relax

Moving your mouth closer
this moment you don't dread
As you gently press your lips
Against you soft skinned forehead

Your touch is soft and passionate
and warm to the very core
Perfect it is in all its ways
Leaving her wanting more

You let your lips now linger
Just above her angelic face
As your noses touch
Giving her true intimacy

Oh to come up behind her
and wrap your arms around
Oh to hold her tightly
And tell her shes the one

The author's comments:
I beleie that when two people are dating it is possible to be intimate without being physical. thus being able to save yourself till marriage and still be intimate with your love.

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