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Dreaming All the Time

March 2, 2011
By MysteryHeart GOLD, Thorold, Other
MysteryHeart GOLD, Thorold, Other
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Sometimes i sit on my bed
And stare straight at my wall
I treat it like a blank TV screen
One that will never fall

I then create pictures
In the back of my mind
I play it over in my head
Then project it through my eyes

I create the best movies
And moments of all time
I imagine my life is perfect
And everything is mine

I am flawless in my cinemas
Inside and out
Of course I am still humble
Great character all throughout

People love and friends adore me
I am never left out
Always kept in the loop
And first to hear a spout

Of course I'll create a climax
Too perfect would be boring
Death, tragedy, mysterious romance
Taking place from eve to morning

My stories have the perfect endings
Too good to be true
Of course you know i will enjoy them
but maybe not for you

I sit here oh so carelessly
Projecting images on my wall
My mind snaps back to reality
The pictures break and fall

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