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Carmen Hill

February 16, 2011
By GiannaA. SILVER, Chicago, Illinois
GiannaA. SILVER, Chicago, Illinois
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Here it is, that Carmen Hill
Down we'd go, then up again
All the day we found the thrill
That was always to remain

Pass it by, that Carmen Hill
We're on our way to our santuary
Over or under the metal we shall
Climb high above, with trouble nary

Soon we'll be back, oh Carmen Hill
When we've had our share of play
It seems for days like these we'd kill
For it gets only harder to get away

Here we are, oh Carmen Hill
We're done and have had our fun
Though harder to go up then down we will
And we'll be back before summer's done

How have you been, old Carmen Hill?
I know, it's been so long
But we, someday, will return still
For our friendship still hold strong

The author's comments:
This poem is about a place my friends an I would come as kids, just to play and get away from everything. We called it Carmen Hill. Throughout the poem though, it shows the change in age and how we can be at our favorite place less and less because of it. How age and change is going on around us.

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