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August 29, 2010
By surviver101 GOLD, Houston, Texas
surviver101 GOLD, Houston, Texas
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You understand this
You understand that
You think you know everything
But a matter of fact

You know nothing at all
You say you know math
But to tell you the truth
That’s way out of wack

To understand this
The life that we act
You must understand
Why you think that
And all of the reasons
For why we react

You understand this
You understand that
You understand nothing
Cause a matter a fact

Life is a question
That really attracts
All curious people
To answer all that

But to understand this
And understand that
You must understand
You’ll never get that

You can try and try
To find that fact
But the truth is none
And soon you find that

And if that’s you
You have to act
And someday you will
Be hooked on smack
And your answers will be
Right where you’re at

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