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March 4, 2010
By Penelope GOLD, Hillsborough, New Jersey
Penelope GOLD, Hillsborough, New Jersey
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There comes a time when you have to stop thinking of yourself as the main character in your own story, but as the suppporting character in someone else's story.

Spring follows winter with indecent haste;
ugly moor grass pokes from under the ice.
All of that beautiful snow gone to waste!
Nature toys with us like some cruel device:

Just when a mind grows quite used to the cold
a warm wind creeps in and stirs up the mud
and no lambs are bleating yet loud in the fold
and not a branch bears something close to a bud

Why must all goodness be so fast forgotten?
A cheery snowman once stood guard on the hill
now he is melting; his carrot is rotten
he mounds to a puddle, a dark, angry spill

And nothing will ever recall once again
those coveted days of sledding and snowmen

The author's comments:
My best friend left me for another, cooler group of people. It's amazing to me how quickly it ended.

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