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Break up is like a broken mirror.

December 24, 2009
By matt06291 SILVER, Colorado Springs, Colorado
matt06291 SILVER, Colorado Springs, Colorado
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in the beginning of his life, he had a mission to search and seek. until one day. his legs felt weak.

she was so beautiful, and so unique. from saying hello. to a kiss on the cheek

Days went past as they started to fall in love. even after all the heartbreaks, the past, there was no more speaking of

he started to feel this vibrant feeling inside. he loved her so much, there was nothing to hide.

and the next day when he saw her, he grabbed her by her waist, and said "never leave me. if i told you how much i loved you, you would never believe me".

as every day went past. he said he loved her once more then before. && if you'll let me, forever... i'm yours.

he felt it was so much deeper.... deeper then deep. he said " i promise you my heart. and it'll be "yours to keep"

There was no fights nor arguements. they remained a perfect couple.

&& after all this time they spent, she started to see that there was trouble.

he made a mistake, which was not as big as it seemed.

but she was more sad then ever. more then he had ever seen.

She felt she got so hurt, with he not exactly knowing why?

she said we're over. and he started to cry.

soon after, days, monthes, and years went by.

or that is just how it felt for him without her... in his eyes.

he tried to move on. without any crying

he thought. a break up is like a broken mirror, it is better left broken, then to hurt himself trying.

as he pushed and thrived to get her back into his arms. a long time went past. which set off the silent alarm.

his inner self. said don't waste your time. she hasn't came back yet. and thats a sign

he wanted to let go, but he just couldn't do it. then he thought to himself. there was nothing to it

if she doesn't want him to make her happy. then maybe he can leave her something to show he tried. and once she see's it she will realize

he looked into the mirror as he suddenly broke it.

He whispered to himself "i love you" then no more words were spoken.

as he walked to her house. he felt that vibrant feeling inside.

he told her i give you my heart to keep, and he never lied.

approaching the steps he took a long breath, and a sigh. as he approached his death. he thought to himself. bye

on her doorstep, he took out a big knife. he looked up to the heavens. this would be his last night

he shoved the knife in his chest, to show her his art. she opened the door. to see in his hand, his heart.

wrote across his head. "i give you my heart to keep, but now its time for me to go asleep".

he fell into her arms, to read "in your arms is where i died tonight, i gave you my promise, and its all alright.

she looked in astonishment. as she started to quiver. "why did this happen" she said as she cried a river.

after that day she felt so broke. shocked and sad, no more words she spoke.

his parents approached her and said we found a letter, and we thinks its for you. she opened it up and her face turned blue

it read. "a break up is like a broken mirror, it is better left broken, then to hurt myself trying... but i would rather try and fix it, or die trying....."

The author's comments:
A real powerful metaphorical piece with deep deep meaning to it. The poem is what i felt once in my life but got past all of the death.

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