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She's like the wind

December 24, 2009
By matt06291 SILVER, Colorado Springs, Colorado
matt06291 SILVER, Colorado Springs, Colorado
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where do i begin? she's like.... the wind.

i can feel her.. on my skin. she's a part of me... deep within.

she comes in the day, and she comes in the night.

after she comes my way...i see... the light

when she comes she blinds me, but not by the cold

its cause her beauty. reminds me. of the truth... which she beholds

sometimes...she may make me feel under the whether.

but she brings me joy.. always... when we're together.

i see her alot. and i love her so much

strees? theres not...anymore when i feel...her touch

her touch....when she does...she makes me shiver.

from all the joy and happiness. my love... is what i give her.

as a sign of my love, she's the only one... i'm thinking of.

because she keeps my soul.. lifted. and i feel... higher then the stars above.

and she's my first... and only... one... true love

she's so vibrant...running threw every bone and vein

she makes me look up to the heavens even in the rain.

through my heart and soul she runs non stop

i know she would be there to pick it up....if my heart was to drop

no matter what she's there...i feel her everywhere.

but even when she's not around... no one's to compare.

as a tear. runs down my cheek. she's there... to lift it away

she makes me feel good. in each... and every way

but i hate the fact... that sometimes... she has to go... away.

but i stay optimistic. today is tomorrow's yesterday.

i'll see her again...on the next day...

The author's comments:
Another metaphorical piece describing the ways of love.

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