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Once upon a time

December 24, 2009
By matt06291 SILVER, Colorado Springs, Colorado
matt06291 SILVER, Colorado Springs, Colorado
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Once up a time, there was a girl with a heart.

She had just as much beauty as brains, this girl was smart

A simple look into her eyes, would paralyze anyone

But little do people know, at home. she cries for fun.

After her heart went to pieces her life felt done

She whispered to herself. Why don't you just pull out the gun

Shoot me fast, shoot me quick, click, pull, bang!. Its over. The fat lady sang

It all started when this girl left her heart, to be so vulnerable

He stepped right up and soon began to take control

From the fist moment he looked into her eye.

Her heart went soaring, in the sky.

She felt like she was flying, she was loving this guy.

He said the sweetest things, like I'm your orange and you're my mango

But in true love, it takes two to tango

From a passionate kiss, to his hand on her thigh

She would come back, and come back. To be used for sex

But in her mind, that wasn't known yet.

They would break up and break up, till he said he wanted no more

And one day, he literally closed the door.

But she didn't care, she would do anything

But he wanted sex… she wanted a ring.

He never meant "I love you" It was a one sided relationship

He would treat her right, but only after her legs were split

The commitment in her soul, and the dying passion within her love

to have faith was her goal. He's all she was thinking of

after days a nights, of pain in her sorrow.

She stayed optimistic, theres always tomorrow

Never being treated how she should be. She was torn inside and out.

He could get sex in the count of three. But after two years she gained doubt

After all this holding on, like she were to fall into a hole

She let go, but she fell deeper and deeper, & her heart, he stole

She felt like she was on the verge of suicide. So much pain that she was to die

She knew after all this time she tried. All her friends always asked why.

She put her heart and soul on the line for him, but he just wanted a taste.

She truly loved him, deep within. But she left two years to waste

Yes she lost her heart, but later on he gave it back

But threw it there was a dart. He said "I don't want it" his heart was black.

Till this day she has the burden of hurt inside.

Every day and every night she continues to cry

One thing she can say is that she has her heart.

But its not the same…many pieces are missing. It was torn… apart

The author's comments:
This was a poem for a friend that was in this scenario who's name will stay anonomys. A girl who wasn't thinking right and who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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