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Within the mind

December 24, 2009
By matt06291 SILVER, Colorado Springs, Colorado
matt06291 SILVER, Colorado Springs, Colorado
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if your in a situation where you don't know what to do.
where you sit down and think till your face turns blue

thoughts racing through your mind travelling so fast.
just need a time to unwind and take a blast to the past.

reminiscing on memories, the good and the bad.
all the moods you were in, the happy and the sad.

theres always one memory that makes you cry.
vision impared, tear after tear comin out your eye.
apprehensive thinkin and thinkin why.
i would've still had her if it wasn't for that lie

then theres always one that makes your eyes open wide.
that makes you look in disbelief with your head raised high
head tilted to the side lookin up to the sky
thinkin did that happen with your mind in deny.

all these scenarios all connecting with problem at hand
none of the things you want ever go how they were planned

to fix the problem you gotta sit down and think
just don't think to hard where every second you blink

follow your first instinct and believe in yourself.
stressin's not worth it, its bad for your health.

hang that stress up put it on the shelf.
forgive yourself for all the pain that you dealt
all the pain that you felt, just let it all melt
put it in its place fasten it with a belt

take the pain and sufferin and put it aside.
always be honest because the truth lies inside.
and if you fail just remember that you tried
keep your head up and you'll have your pride.

Theres no genies, no lamps to rub.
just follow your heart, follow your love

The author's comments:
Another love poem about reminiscing on the past and fixing yourself to forget about it.

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