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November 4, 2009
By Lixxy_93 DIAMOND, Westminster, California
Lixxy_93 DIAMOND, Westminster, California
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i crave your lips, i crave your touch
this need for you is almost too much
you're all thats on my mind, the only one i want to see
when did this happen, how can it be
right before i left, you stole my heart
even from a distance i can feel it breaking because we are apart
come to me
the one i love, the one i need
dont live only in my imagination
dont turn into just another apparation
hallucinations are caused by this drug you call love
you gave me my first real taste
whenever i see you i can believe that moment wasnt a waste
our talks are few and far in between
but every time you make the crazyness of my life seem not as obsene
i need your love now
need it more and more every day
i dont know how
just please give me your love, somehow, someway
dont wait till valentines to be mine
we have already wasted so much time
days pass and i fear we will start to grow apart
and your tricky foolish drug that you call love will finally break my heart
i trusted you with my life
but in your absense alone you have caused nothing but strife
memories from the past bring smiles that are drowned in tears
i trusted you, but have you caused a new set of fears?
not seeing you is what is killing me
when we are together, happy is all i can be
you love me, you tease me, you save me
you make every day become a new mystery
you would never intentionally cause me harm
instead you hold me close, safe in your arms
my hero, the one i can turn to
when im in trouble you know just what to do
but what happens when im lost and fighting demons only i can see
how will you know then that i need you to come and save me
after such a terrible ordeal
life no longer seems real
i need my drug that only you can give
so i can relax and continue wanting to live
i need you because i love you, cant you see its true
please tell me a way that i can prove it to you
without you in my life i dont want to see another day
im addicted to your love, i cant survive any other way
tell me a time and place that we can meet
so that i can once again feel complete
do you feel this desparate need too
or with me gone does life simply continue for you
i need you to explain
if you ever want to stop my pain
i love you
and all i can do is hope you will love me too

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