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The Cadence of Springtime

October 21, 2009
By Crystal Brown BRONZE, Bridgeport, Ohio
Crystal Brown BRONZE, Bridgeport, Ohio
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The Cadence of Springtime

The dedicated bees go buzz buzz.
Collecting dazzling clusters of pollen.
Feelings of everlasting pleasure give me a warm fuzz.
Oh it is miraculous that winter has fallen!

Mother Earth who smells of a rejuvenating love-
Cries such a melancholic piece.
Gives her an authoritative air that fits like a glove.
Man, her thunderstorms are a beast!

Fragile petals litter the ground, Creating a savory mystic wonderland.
In turn, I’m awed and bound-
While you’re with your lover, holding hands.

Sparkling drops of crystallized morning dew,

Expresses my gratitude for precious renewal.

The author's comments:
I worte this piece because in the springtime I am always inspired by the colors that seem to come alive every year. The scents the overfill my nose beyond capacity seems to haunt my memory for many days at a time. I hope people will get to appericate that the world they live in may be ulgy on the outside but it is always beatiful on the inside.

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