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Waves' Faces

August 11, 2021
By margaretjames268 BRONZE, Charlottesville, Virginia
margaretjames268 BRONZE, Charlottesville, Virginia
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"We are products of our past, but we don't have to be prisoners of it." - Rick Warren
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Those swelling walls of light like liquid air,

Piercéd by Helios’ golden rays. Ridden

As one until death’s hands grab hearts and tear,

As souls are to a better life bidden.

Those walls of waves eventually crash

On shores and undercurrent drags back out.

Reflections given back in rippling ash,

The truest reflection which none can doubt.

To ride those waves again and feel the hand

Of loving Father guiding ev’ry move.

To glide across those depths, so far from land.

That beauty and vastness His pow’r to prove

I see faces of loved ones in that place,

Those depths hold demons and a saving face.

The author's comments:

 I wrote my first poem in 6th grade, and have found great joy and an escape in it. My favorite poem is Gerard Manley Hopkins, closely followed by Robert Frost. I play violin, dance, sing, enjoy the outdoors, as well as work hard in school.

I wrote this poem for an assignment this past year. It is inspired by reflecting on the past 5 or so years and experiences that I have had.

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on Aug. 12 at 5:19 pm
toliveg7 SILVER, Charlottesville, Virginia
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"Life doesn't give you seatbelts!"-Batman, The Lego Movie
“Never close your lips to those whom you have already opened your heart.”--Charles Dickens

This is so beautiful!!! <3