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My True Enemy

April 17, 2021
By Ria_Girl BRONZE, Toronto, Other
Ria_Girl BRONZE, Toronto, Other
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The girl facing me was my enemy

No matter when I would call her mean names

 I would never get a response from her

She would just stand there and cry her eyes out

For some strange reason, I felt the girl’s tears

I felt that girl’s pain yet I continued

I bullied her since I was nine

Four years and she never told on me

I wasn’t jealous of my enemy

Every day I would look at her in disgust

When she felt confident I would tease her

I needed to make sure she saw her flaws

The girl I despised was in a mirror 

The girl I despised so much, was me.

The author's comments:

I wrote this poem to describe how I felt daily towards myself. Now that I had accepted myself for being me, I wrote this poem to describe myself from before. I know that most people can relate to this piece and that now some people are going through a time of hating themselves. I want everyone to know that you have to accept yourself or else you will never grow as a person.

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