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Save it for a Rainy Day

April 16, 2021
By allieb258 BRONZE, Abington, Massachusetts
allieb258 BRONZE, Abington, Massachusetts
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On summer days they love me so

I shine my rays where they go

Jealousy strikes as I steal the show

The clouds swoop in and I lose my glow

The rain ends my sunny days

My people start to lose their gaze

Why wont they let me be myself

Envious of my success

They try to imitate what I do best,

The truth is my work doesn’t need a rest

So they let be me for a while,

But the grass was dry, the earth was in denial

This is what it took to help me see,

Not all that’s great is all because of me

The author's comments:

I used metaphors in this piece to tell about the realization of the fact that not everything is about yourself, and to appreciate others. I included an image i took and edited myself that correlates to the poem.

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