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No More

January 29, 2018
By Anonymous

The truth is you’re abusive and clueless,
What you do is elusive and intrusive of my personal space.
Get out of my face;
You’re in the wrong place to be calling the shots that you always get wrong.
You act so tough but you’re really not strong,
I’m about to flame you so hard
But it wouldn’t really matter to your cold, isolated, heart.
I couldn’t save you, I couldn’t change you
All I ever did was blame you.
But I was right to do that,
Played it over in my head until I found the truth and,
The truth’s that you manipulated me to be a puppet,
To follow its master, to move faster and faster
To keep up with what you wanted
Even if it meant I would be haunted
By the awful memories that should’ve, would’ve, could’ve and had daunted me.
I never before had ever felt this way,
To pick up my life and take it away;
Far from you not leaving a trace,
Never coming back to see your face.
If I was given the option to be with you for a week,
Or nearly to death by fifty men be beat,
By the end of the day I’ll be in the hospital saying,
It was worth it everyone, it was worth it okay.
Do you get it now,
Do you understand the fact,
I don’t care about you
And I’m not coming back.

The author's comments:

This was for an unhealthy relationship.

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