Secret Side of Me

September 4, 2017

[Verse 1]

I hear voices

Telling me a lie.

Often reminded of the failures

That lost their way.

When everything falls apart,

I scream out:


[Chorus 1]

But God,

I'm so broken.

Do You even hear

This silent scream?

I'm barely breathing,

Stopped believing.

Who am I to be?

Do You even care

Of all those nights

I cried life away?

Always hiding,

The secret side of me.


[Verse 2]

I hear Your voice

Listen to my soul.

Were You there

As time passed along?

Lost in eternity,

Just why can't we all see?


(Chorus 1)



Cause I made the choice,

You paid to rejoice.

Who are You to me?

We've lived and died,

We've fought to fight.

Who are we to be?


[Chorus 2]

For God,

We're all broken,

And You hear our

Silent screams.

Barely breathing

Began believing.

Who are we to be?

You care for us

Even in nights

We cry life away.

Now revealing,

The secret side of me.

The secret side of me.

The secret side of me.

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