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September 20th, 1996

March 9, 2016
By MichaelAngelo SILVER, Socorro, New Mexico
MichaelAngelo SILVER, Socorro, New Mexico
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Favorite Quote:
Dont be afraid to be yourself.

-Everyone says it.

September 20th, 1996,
Born 2 days before Virgos end,
1 week after 2pac’s death,
I understand I am born in sin,
Gave my momma hell,
But she says she would do it again,
California raised,
Always lived in a new place,
It wasnt hard to make a new friend,
But difficult to show a friendly face,
They say I was a social butterfly,
They always saw tears in my eyes,
But didnt know the fears in my mind,
Cant tell the difference between stories and memories,
But if they real are they mine?
Asken God To bring peace to myself,
We only human,
Peace cant be brought by no one else,
Look at what we doing,
But thats another story,
I wont get into it,
We talk about war so much it gets boring,
Im just sick of it,
So many times I wanted to set down the bucket,
And start kicken it,
Everyones got their story,
Everyones got pain,
For a lot of them,
Their trouble starts back when they were raised,
Its easy for me to look back at my Dad and say hes the one to blame,
(I dont)
Say if he was around things wouldntve been that way,
But who am I to judge,
Kids aint something that I have,
I sure as hell am not being called dad,
Guess you gotta have kids to find out if youre a man,
Sometimes you gotta lose what you got,
To realize what you had,
I always tell myself,
Dont ever give in,
Dont let evil win,
Always work on yourself,
Dont give up,
Just because no one wants to help,
Youre not alone,
Millions know how you felt,
ITs not always up to you,
Just gotta play the cards fate dealt...

[2x]September 20th, 1996...
Soon to be 20 years old...
You are broke but can be fixed....
ITs lifes way of making you grow.....
Just learn to go with it.....
People will try and take control....
Just gotta be strong and resist....

I dont care what people think,
Cuz no matter what they always guessin,
Always quick to open their mouths and speak,
But never ask me a real question,
Everyone can crack a joke,
Smile and laugh,
ITs not the rumors being told,
That actually make me mad,
Nobody wants my opinion,
On a story about me,
But it dont matter cuz they wont listen,
Im the one thats hard to believe,
But now days,
I feel things have changed,
Im starten over fresh,
On a clean slate,
Im waiten for someone to open their mouths,
I cant wait to hear what they gotta say,
Ill bring up everything,
Im not afraid to say anything,
I really want to hurt you,
I want you to feel pain,
I want you to feel the way I did so you can say you feel the same,
I know im acting stupid,
What im saying isnt right,
But whenever people describe me,
They never say I look nice,
Always talken about what I look like,
Like I just got in a fight,
They want me to fly away like a kite,
Then ask my bro about my life,
If you werent around,
20 years ago or so til now,
Then I could care less about you,
Cuz you wouldnt help me when I drowned,
Its a brand new begining,
My emotions are no longer mixed,
Imma stay focused on my future,
And ignore all the old s***,
Sincerely the kid in the picture,
The one born in september 20th, 1996.....

The author's comments:

I sorta got a twisted family that like to talk crap about eachother. I guess since im the youngest adult (Or something idk) they consider me free game and go on and attack. 

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