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Because of you

December 13, 2015
By MynaJane1234 GOLD, Greenfield, Ohio
MynaJane1234 GOLD, Greenfield, Ohio
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"luke 6:31 ( Do to others as you would have them do to you)

Because of you I know now that this world is a scary place

 Because of you I really dont know how to be myself,you watched me cry every night and you still didnt care what you did to me, Because of you I dont know how to let anyone else in, I think I do but really I dont and Im ashamed of that, Because of you I hate myself so I fight with my boyfriend and yell, because of you, I was put through hell and back for what? for you to sit in prison and feel good about what you did? you cant take that away from me I will find it on my own out there and Because of you I am a way better person than you will ever be, Because of you Im learing how to let others in, its hard as hell but Im doing it,I wish it never had to come to this but Because of you Im trying not to turn out just like you.......... 

The author's comments:

I wrote this, because I know whats its like to not know what life contains. Today Im a better person than what i used to be and trying to change for the better 

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