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Feel something

June 8, 2015
By Merveille GOLD, Fulham, Other
Merveille GOLD, Fulham, Other
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Give me knowledge
To be a lot like you
I don’t care how you put it
You taught me how to cover wounds

Don’t tell me I can’t have it
i want it
Don’t tell me i need it
I don’t want it
I know your bad for me
I just wanna feel anything, i just wanna feel something

I know i’m cut but i’m not bleeding
Heart broken, still beating
For a while, i forgot how to smile
Heart needing, still beating

Tell me what i need but don’t want to hear
Ringing in my head, even though you’re not here
I want you
But I’m not certain

Pull me in, close the curtains
No one can find us here
No one understands

Pull me close, pull the curtains
I want you
But i’m not certain

Chorus X2...

The author's comments:

My first song. Ispire by Daughter the band and their knack of always getting it right.Hope you can relate x

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