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Only Human

April 13, 2015
By WulffyBoy SILVER, Hubbard, Oregon
WulffyBoy SILVER, Hubbard, Oregon
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I'm living day by day, wishing I was different,
But I am who I am, so there's no point in miss'n' it.
And I've hurt people without having the intent.
So I thought I would apologize for the scar without kissin it.
Because I'm only kind of human,
and no pain isn't an illusion.
Pain is real, and sometimes it's the solution.
Not by self harm, and I know that isn't proven.
But I've been though it, I know what it's like.
When you feel that nobody cares and you wanna end your life.
Though you know it wouldn't be right.
So you look down and pick up the knife.
Well put it down and close your eyes.
Imagine having me by your side.
Lean on me and lets take a ride.
Because I do care and don't want you to hide
Who you are when you're alone, it's the real you.
I'm sorry people don't accept that, but I do.
I'll take a lie detector test just to prove that's true,
if it will make y'all realize that your life ain't through.
Just remember that I could...

I won't give up if I fail and fall.
I just hope someone catches me if they care at all
I'll pick myself up if I have to and use the wall
as support as I carry this overbearing haul.
Because I'm human as hell and I'm doing me best.
Working harder than some and I get no rest.
Because I'm working not sleeping like the rest
when it's dark out because I have to pass the test
of time. I'm falling a little behind.
So I have no time to kick back and unwind.
But there's the problem of being too kind
or the problem that I can't keep in mind
that everyone is different and I'm no exception.
But what should I do if I don't like my reflection? 
It's like looking at a picture and there's some sort of inception
when I look into my own eyes, it's like I'm looking a different direction.
Why do I feel the need to always be carrying protecting?
Yeah, I could...

Though everything seems to be going to s***,
I'll fight through everything just to be on top of it.
Just to prove that the worse days have a light to be lit.
I'll never kneel down, but I may cry a bit.
Because life is hard but I play the hand I was given
And for some reason, depression is something that's always driven
me to write and had me wishing I wasn't livin'.
But it's odd because that pain made me live open, not hidden.
I've always tried to be honest. I've been in love.
I've cheated, but I realized that the girl was enough.
I made a mistake and moving on was rough
But we both made it out as friends. That's what's tough.
But it's the hardships that make life what it is.
And if you're depressed, then listen to this.
You're only human, though it may not be your wish,
You're perfect as you are, so deal with it.
Yeah, we're all only human. 

The author's comments:

This is plain out pain. Everything painful I've felt, put into these lyrics. 

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on Feb. 20 2016 at 5:25 pm
AWriter101 SILVER, Rockton, Illinois
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I absolutely love this! Your songs only get better!!!